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Our adult training program is split into private and semi private training where you will either train individually [or with a friend] with a specific program tailored to your goals, or in a small group of like-minded individuals with a progressive and customisable program split into different training phases. These sessions are typically designed to optimise three areas — health, body composition and performance — focusing on improving strength, mobility and fitness.



Our youth athletic development program has been designed specifically for the Youth Athletic Development Academy. In these sessions, we’re focusing on the development of physical qualities [for kids aged 11-18 years] that underpin all sports and are essential for optimising performance while reducing injury rates. Youth athletes develop qualities such as speed, strength, mobility, stability, endurance, agility and coordination.



Our kid’s fitness program has been designed specifically for the Kidfit Academy — focusing on the physical literacy and development of children aged 5-11 years. In each session, we focus on the optimisation of children’s health, fitness and physical development through a series of exercises, games and challenges.